TelLab will be showcasing Chemcatcher® and latest deployments at IPSW in Boston this September

T.E. Laboratories (TelLab), and a number of speakers from other organisations, will be showcasing the results of their latest  work with Chemcatcher® passive samplers at the 11th International Passive Sampling Workshop and Symposium (IPSW 2019),  in Northeastern University, Boston, on 11 to 13 September, 2019.

TelLab holds the worldwide licence to manufacture and sell Chemcatcher®.  We are one of the sponsors of ISPW 2019 in Boston and participants can meet our staff at the TelLab stand.

TelLab managing director Mark Bowkett will be presenting experiences of working with a European water utility using Chemcatcher® to  understand and manage the source of a known pollutant in drinking water sources.

In addition, a number of researchers will be presenting papers on new Chemcatcher® research work

Key advantages of passive samplers is that they can measure problematic compounds even when present at ultra trace levels thus eliminating the need to take large sample volumes and pre-concentrate them.  In addition, passive samplers can capture sporadic, transient inputs of pollutants and fluctuations in levels over time.


  • Chemcather® can detect both polar and non-polar compounds, extending its applications.
  • Because it uses a disk as opposed to beads, there is increased absorption across the whole of the disk.
  • The larger surface area provides improved performance for the detection of pharmaceuticals and pesticides.
  • The Chemcather®  casing is re-usable, allowing the user to move away from single-use plastic and providing better value for money in cases where multiple deployments will be required.