Chemcatcher® System Requirements

Each Chemcatcher® deployment requires the following

1    A Chemcatcher® deployment unit

 This must must be fitted with 3 detectors (i.e. the housing plus disk and membrane). You will also need a field blank detector per site and 1 x fabrication blank detector per assessment. Therefore a total of 5 detector units are required. (However, if a number of sites are being monitored at the same time, one set of blanks  (i.e. 1 x fabrication blank and 1 x field blank) is sufficient.

Chemcatcher® can be adapted to detect a wide range of substances – from trace metals, PAHs, PCBs and pesticides to pharmaceutical and personal care residues – depending on the materials chosen for the receiving phase and the membrane selected.

Use the tables below to determine the most appropriate deployment unit and the correct disk and housing for the pollutant(s) being detected.

1. Choose deployment unit

Deployment UnitComments
Stainless Steel CageRecommended option, in terms of best stability, particularly in flashy rivers
Suitable for all parameters except metals
Can accommodate up to six disk detector disks, meaning two studies can be carried out simultaneously
Plastic PlateSuitable all parameters, including metals
Mesh BagsLeast recommended option in terms of stability
Suitable for all parameters, including metals

2. Select the correct housing, disk and membrane for your application

Table 2a Requirements for Detecting Mollusc Pesticides or Pharmaceuticals/Personal Care Products/Illicit Drugs

I want to detectSystem RequiredHousing Size
and Price
Disk & Membrane Required
Mollusc PesticidesMetaldehyde Chemcatcher®52 mm housing
HLB-L receiving disk PES membrane
Pharmaceuticals /Personal Care Products/illicit drugsPolar Pharma
52 mm housing
HLB-L receiving disk PES membrane

Table 2b Requirements for Detecting Metals (e.g. PD, Cd, Zn, Cu), Radionuclides, Acid Herbicides/Pesticides, Perfluorooctane Sulfonic Acid/Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOS/PFOA), Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs/PAHs) or Organometallics
(e.g. Buytlins)

I want to detectSystem RequiredHousing Size
Disk & Membrane Required
Metals (eg PD, Cd, Zn, Cu)Metal Chemcatcher®47 mm housing
Metal receiving disk
PES membrane
RadionuclidesRadionuclide Chemcatcher®47 mm housing
RAD receiving disk
PES membrane
Acid Herbicides/
Polar AP Chemcatcher®47 mm housing
Anion SR receiving disk PES membrane
47 mm housing
Anion SR receiving disk
PES membrane
PCBs/PAHsNon-Polar Chemcatcher®47 mm housing
C18 receiving disk
LDPE membrane
(e.g. buytlins)
Organometallics47 mm housing
C18 receiving disk
PES membrane

3. Get our price list

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3. Get our price list

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