How to buy Chemcatcher®

T.E. Laboratories (TelLab) has acquired the global licence to manufacture and sell Chemcatcher®.

We can provide you will a full end-to-end package. Alternatively, depending on your specific requirements, capabilities, application and location, we can  provide a tailored package based on your choice of the following elements:

  • The Chemcatcher® housing
  • The correct disk and preparation for your specific application
  • Sample extraction
  • Analysis
  • Procedures
  • Training

Reduce Upfront Costs by Hiring the Chemcatcher® Casing

The specially designed metal housing used for deploying Chemcatcher  is re-usable and quickly pays for itself with multiple use.

However, if you’d prefer, we offer the housing for rental to reduce the cost of initial deployments.

Rental cost: €200 per month for the first month

€100 per month  thereafter

Calculate costs

Use the table below to determine the system components you require and calculate costs. Note: If you are ordering in bulk, we may be able to provide a discount.

I want to detectSystem RequiredHousingPriceDisk & MembranePrice
Metals (eg PD, Cd, Zn, Cu)Metal Chemcatcher®47 mm housing Metal receiving disk
PES membrane
RadionucildesRadionuclide Chemcatcher®47 mm housing RAD receiving disk
PES membrane
Acid Herbicides/
Polar AP Chemcatcher®47 mm housingAnion SR receiving disk PES membrane
Mollusc PesticidesMetaldehyde Chemcatcher®52 mm housing HLB-L receiving disk
PES membrane
Pharmaceuticals /Personal Care Products/illicit drugs
Polar Pharma Chemcatcher®52 mm housingHLB-L receiving disk
PES membrane
47 mm housingAnion SR receiving disk
PES membrane
PCBs/PAHsNon-Polar Chemcatcher®47 mm housingC18 receiving disk
LDPE membrane
(e.g. buytlins)
Organometallics47 mm housing C18 receiving disk
PES membrane

Request a price quotation

Contact us with your requirements on the form below, and we will get back in touch promptly with a price quotation.

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